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Autobiography Essays May Combine Facts With a Little Fiction

How Real Should Your Autobiography Essay Be?

Autobiographical essays, also known as personal narratives, are personal statements in which the student describes an event or a series of events that have turned him or her into the person they are today. An autobiography essay should show the examiners why is this student valuable and why should he or she be admitted into college, or be granted a scholarship. Think of every admission or scholarship as an investment someone else is making in you: you should persuade them that you totally worth it.

Of course, the first thing you should think about when you are preparing one of these personal statements is what will you write about. Try avoiding clics like school trips to the Parliament or the first time you voted think of a topic that is unique and truly describes you as the person you are today. A stronger, wiser person, because you got to live through it.

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Ok, so do you need to write about your personal life or should you invent a big story full of details that could belong to a Hollywood blockbuster Oscar winning production? Of course, the main facts should be true. Imagine you are facing the judges the examiners who will mark all autobiography essays submitted- and asking them what is the most important thing you can tell them about yourself that truly defines you as a person. You dont want it to be a lie. Besides, someone who reads annually a lot of these custom essays would probably be highly trained in spotting lies and phonies.

The autobiography essay neednt have to be about a huge event as saving another persons life or struggling with a terminal illness. You can also write about how you discover your true professional vocation, or about a relative that influenced you in your childhood by teaching you a valuable lesson.


There are little fictional details one may add to a personal statement that will enrich the paper with a literary quality and may catch the readers attention in an effective way. If you change things as your age by the time everything happened meaning it was something that happened years ago, and not last month- that is ok. As for describing characters, no one would mind if when talking about the influence of your dead grandfather- you change the colour of his eyes in order to match yours.

In any case, you should remember these little details. Autobiography essay may be followed by a face to face interview, and the last thing you want is to get caught by your interviewer in a contradiction with your own writing task.

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